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      Designed with Safety in Mind!

      Retired spring brake actuators should be safely disarmed before they are disposed of to prevent serious personal injury from accidental sudden release of the high-energy spring (which can generate as much as 2700 lbs. of force) in the parking chamber.

      Coils of the power spring should be cut with an acetylene gas torch prior to disposal. This procedure renders the power spring inoperable, permitting the chamber to be safely discarded.

      Safe-T-Cylinder allows you to safely disarm virtually any brake chamber by giving you a secure and easy to use protective structure to contain the chamber while cutting the springs.

      Features include:

      · Use to Disarm Virtually Any Spring Brake

      · Built to Engineering Standards

      · AWS Code Welded

      · Positive Drop Pin Lock

      · Rugged, Heavy Duty Wheels

      · Light Weight

      Disarm spring brakes safely with Safe-T-Cylinder, Designed with Safety In Mind!

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