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  • NCTA Maintenance Council Hosts CSA Seminar and Training Program

    NCTA Maintenance Council Hosts CSA Seminar and Training Program

    The NCTA Maintenance Council is sponsoring a Fleet Talk Seminar at 9:00AM, Tuesday April 26 at Covington Power Services, 8015 Piedmont Triad Parkway in Greensboro, NC.

    The subject of the program will be CSA In Real Time – Strategies and Best Practices and include discussions on the new CSA Regulations and strategies to help fleet owners operate safely and efficiently.

    In addition, North Carolina DMV personnel will conduct an Inspection Clinic and give participants the opportunity to get hands on experience with vehicle inspection procedures.

  • ArvinMeritor, Inc. Changes Its Name to Meritor, Inc. Announces “MTOR” as NYSE Ticker Symbol

    ArvinMeritor, Inc. Changes Its Name to Meritor, Inc. Announces “MTOR” as NYSE Ticker Symbol 

    TROY, Mich., (March 30, 2011) – ArvinMeritor, Inc. has officially changed its name to Meritor, Inc. As a result, Meritor’s ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is MTOR (NYSE: MTOR), effective at the start of trading today.

    With the divestitures of its light vehicle businesses now completed, the company is focused on commercial vehicle and industrial markets in every major region of the world. “Changing the company’s name back to Meritor gives us the opportunity to leverage the strength of the brand and build on it as we go forward,” said Chip McClure, chairman, CEO and president.

     The company initially assumed the name Meritor following the spin-off from Rockwell International Corp. in 1997. It remained Meritor until the merger with Arvin Industries in 2000. Since that time, the company has marketed and sold product under the Meritor brand.

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  • Central Piedmont Community College Partners with Carolina CAT to Create Service Technician Program

    Central Piedmont Community College Partners with Carolina CAT to Create Service Technician Program

    Carolina CAT gives $20,000 in funding to support student scholarships for program; courses designed to prepare students for careers in the heavy equipment industry

    Open House Scheduled for April 2

    The heavy equipment industry is anticipating significant growth over the next few years. To meet the expected demand for these high-tech and hands-on careers, Central Piedmont Community College’s (CPCC) Heavy Equipment and Transport Technology (HEATT) Department announced today that it is partnering with Carolina Tractor, the Caterpillar dealer for Western North Carolina, to establish the Carolina CAT Service Technician Program at the College’s North Campus in Huntersville, N.C. To show its support of the program, Carolina CAT presented CPCC with a check for $20,000 to provide student scholarships for the program.

    “This new 12-month program will blend Carolina Tractor’s industry techniques with CPCC’s state-of-the-art facilities to create a unique learning experience for students,” said Dr. Tony Zeiss, president of CPCC, at the joint press conference event. “Upon completion of the program, students will earn a curriculum diploma and be prepared to enter the workforce as an entry-level service technician in just 12 months.”

    Program features include:

    ·       Courses focused on heavy equipment sold and serviced by Carolina Tractor.

    ·       Hands-on activities, including training on Caterpillar and allied equipment.

    ·       Classes led by CPCC’s quality faculty and Caterpillar technical trainers.

    ·       An eight-week Cooperative Education Experience with Carolina CAT.

    ·       A convenient location (classes will be offered at CPCC’s North Campus).

    “We’re excited about this new partnership with CPCC,” said Ed Weisiger, Jr., president and CEO for Carolina CAT. “Not only will students learn industry-leading techniques from our highly qualified trainers, but they will also be given the opportunity to participate in an eight-week Cooperative Education Experience with Carolina Tractor that will give them the real world experience they need to be successful in the heavy equipment industry.”

    CPCC and Carolina CAT will hold an open house this Saturday, April 2 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the College’s North Campus for those who may be interested in the new program.

    The College’s new Carolina CAT Service Technician Program begins August 2011. Individuals interested in beginning the application process may visit and use keywords “heavy equipment.”

    Central Piedmont Community College is the largest community college in North Carolina, offering close to 300 degree and certification programs, customized corporate training, market-focused continuing education, and special interest classes. CPCC is academically, financially and geographically accessible to all citizens of Mecklenburg County. In 2002, the National Alliance of Business named CPCC the Community College of the Year for its response to the workforce and technology needs of local employers and job seekers through innovative educational and training strategies.

  • Clean Energy Signs Agreement for Atlanta Area CNG Fueling Stations

    Clean Energy Signs Agreement for Atlanta Area CNG Fueling Stations


    ATLANTA (March 28, 2011) – PS Energy Group, Inc. is pumping up the supply of a cleaner, cheaper alternative fuel for fleets and vehicles by working with Clean Energy Fuels Corp., the company founded by Boone Pickens.


    Clean Energy has signed a 15-year agreement to develop and operate compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities at PS Energy Group’s metro Atlanta fueling stations or Unattended Fuel Outlets (UFO). Clean Energy will increase dispensing capacity of CNG at the Whitehall Street site in downtown Atlanta and add CNG facilities at the East Point, Lithonia and Tucker, Ga. locations. By fall 2011, fleets and individuals with CNG vehicles will be able to fill up at any time at any of these computerized fueling stations.


    “By expanding the availability of compressed natural gas at PS Energy Group’s fueling stations, we encourage individuals and fleets to reduce their petroleum consumption and impact on the environment by switching to cleaner, alternative fuels,” said Livia Whisenhunt, president, CEO and founder of PS Energy Group.


    This project is part of the $39.5 million Clean Cities Atlanta Petroleum Reduction Program, a local public/private partnership co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Clean Cities Initiative to support clean fuels, vehicles and infrastructure development to improve fuel economy and air quality in metro Atlanta. Clean Cities supports local decisions to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector through the use of alternative fuels, advanced technology vehicles and fuel economy measures.


    “Clean Energy is working with PS Energy Group to respond to the growing demand for CNG by fleets powered by clean-burning, natural gas,” said James Harger, chief marketing officer of Clean Energy. Construction is projected to begin in second quarter 2011 at PS Energy Group’s fueling stations.


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  • Volvo Trucks Starts Selling Heavy Hybrid Trucks

    Volvo Trucks Starts Selling Heavy Hybrid Trucks

    As part of the Volvo Group’s focus on hybrid vehicles, Volvo Trucks is now commencing sales of heavy hybrid trucks, under the name Volvo FE Hybrid, to customers in selected European markets. The hybrid trucks permit fuel savings of up to 30 percent and will be used primarily in distribution and refuse operations in an urban environment.

    "Our new Volvo FE Hybrid is a fantastic high-tech truck, which has already created a large amount of interest. It's clear that there is a great demand for heavy hybrids," says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks' Europe Division.

    The application of hybrid technology is best suited to densely populated areas, which involve the highest incidence of vehicle starts and stops. Volvo FE Hybrid is referred to as a parallel hybrid, which is a technology entailing that energy from the diesel engine and electric motor is used either simultaneously or independently of each other. The technology switches automatically between the two power sources. Volvo's hybrid technology has also been developed to maximize recycling of energy generated from braking. No extra charging from external sources is required. Electric power also cuts noise levels. 

    "The hybrid truck whispers its way around the streets, which improves the environment for the residents and, of course, for the people who operate the vehicle every day. During acceleration, the noise level is half that of a conventional diesel truck," says Claes Nilsson.

  • NCTA Maintenance Council Schedules Annual Boss’ Outing


    NCTA Maintenance Council Schedules Annual Boss’ Outing

    The 2011 NCTA Maintenance Council Boss’ Golf Outing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, at Warrior Golf Club in China Grove, NC. 

    The NCTA Maintenance Council is an organization for transportation maintenance professionals.

    The main purpose of The Maintenance Council is to provide a forum for people to share information, promote professional maintenance practices and network with suppliers and peers in the industry.

    Monthly programs are presented by suppliers, regulatory personnel and members. The programs highlight new technologies, products or processes to improve maintenance operations.

    Periodic Fleet Talk and Tech Night programs are designed to provide in depth coverage of specific maintenance topics such as Electrical Troubleshooting, Automatic Braking Systems or Federal Safety Regulations.

    The annual Boss’ Outing provides an opportunity to thank the industry for their support of the Maintenance Council.

    The day will start with refreshments and a program beginning at 7:30 AM and a shotgun start for the Captain’s Choice tournament at 9:15 AM.

    More information about the NCTA Maintenance Council Boss’ Outing is available at Boss’ Outing or at the NCTA Maintenance Council web site:

  • FMCSA Extends EOBR Comment Period

    FMCSA Extends EOBR Comment Period

     The Department of Transportation is giving the public more time to comment on a proposal that would require electronic onboard recorders in most heavy trucks.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended to May 23 the comment period on its proposed onboard electronic recorder mandate.

    FMCSA had originally set an April 4 deadline for comments to its proposal released in late January that would expand an EOBR mandate to about 500,000 carriers, from an estimated 5,700 under an earlier plan.

  • Truckload Carriers Association Supports Electronic Logging Devices

    Truckload Carriers Association Supports Electronic Logging Devices

    3/14/2011, San Diego, California:

    The Board of Directors of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) voted to support legislation and regulations that would mandate the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs). The Board approved the new TCA policy on March 13, 2011, at the association’s Annual Convention in San Diego, California. This new policy is consistent with the industry’s commitment to cooperative measures for ensuring compliance with hours of service regulations. 

    ELDs are used by motor carriers to ensure compliance and reduce paperwork inefficiencies. Their installation is the target of a recent proposal by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. While TCA now supports the mandatory use of such devices, the association’s new policy specifies several areas for consideration in the development of laws or regulations that would mandate them.

    “We believe that this new policy is reflective of today’s operating environment,” said TCA President Chris Burruss. “The Board of Directors thought it was important that our members lead on this issue.”


  • PlugShare App Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

    PlugShare App Now Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Community-Driven Electric Vehicle Charging Network to Accelerate EV Adoption

    PALO ALTO, Calif. /PRNewswire/ -- Xatori Inc., an electric vehicle software company, today announced that the PlugShare App is now available for iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store. The application is free and available for download here.

    PlugShare is a community-driven electric vehicle (EV) charging network that allows iPhone and iPod touch owners in the United States to share their outlets with one another. PlugShare users can choose to share 240v J1772 plugs (compatible with the latest generation of EVs, such as the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt) or standard 120v outlets. PlugShare also includes an up-to-date listing of public charging stations.

    With the PlugShare App, users can:

    ·     Share electricity with others

    ·     Browse a listing of public charging stations

    ·     View profiles of other PlugShare members

    ·     Call or text other PlugShare members

    ·     Search for places to charge

    ·     Connect with other EV owners and enthusiasts

    ·     Set privacy and notification settings

    ·     Get directions to shared outlets or charging stations

    Users can freely browse the map of PlugShare members and charging stations, but must create a PlugShare account to view address and profile information. Users do not need a special outlet or an electric vehicle to sign up.

    By crowd-sourcing the EV charging infrastructure problem, PlugShare will reduce "range anxiety" or the possibility of running out of power; a common concern associated with EV ownership. PlugShare also offers a direct communication channel for EV owners and enthusiasts interested in accelerating EV adoption and ushering in the new era of oil-free transportation.

    "Many people won't have EVs right away, but everyone has an electrical outlet," said Forrest North, CEO. "Sharing electricity from a standard outlet only costs about $0.15 an hour, a small price to lessen our dependence on oil."

    For more information please visit the website at or follow PlugShare on Twitter at



  • TravelCenters of America Launches TruckSmart™ i-Phone Application

    TravelCenters of America Launches TruckSmart™ i-Phone Application

    More features and functions reflect the full service advantage of TA and Petro.

    WESTLAKE, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) announced it has launched a new smart phone application called TruckSmart™.

    With TruckSmart™, professional drivers can access:

    ·       an interactive map displaying all TA and Petro locations;

    ·       a location list by radius of current location in addition to a State by State site location lookup;

    ·       current posted fuel prices;

    ·       available showers, both in total and the number available currently at any location;

    ·       turn by turn directions to any location;.

    ·       current location weather conditions;

    ·       estimate (generally within last two hours) of available truck parking spaces by location;.

    ·       a complete amenities and services list by location;

    ·       current special offers at TA and Petro restaurants, travel store and truck maintenance centers;

    ·       a link to the RoadSquad® national network of roadside assistance services.



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