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National Fleet Management Inc. Announces Growth and New Team Members.


National Fleet Management Inc. Announces Growth and New Team Members.

Charlotte/Greensboro/Raleigh NC

April 18, 2014

National Fleet Management Inc. announced a 36% growth in gross sales for 2013 compared to 2012.

President Bill Black is excited about the company’s growth and recognizes the need to increase his talent pool. Bill is anticipating continued and steady growth for 2014, and has been quoted to say “we recognize that structure, strong talent, and tight processes will be the key to our success as we continue to grow”. Bill and his team have focused the later part of 2013 and first quarter of 2014 on efforts of building a strong team to ensure National Fleet Management Inc. is creating that strong foundation. Additionally they are implementing structure and controls to manage the company more effectively and efficiently for the anticipated growth.

National Fleet Management has added several key team members to the company over the past several months. Bill started in October of 2013 with the addition of Sue Johnston as the Director of Operations working from the corporate office in Greensboro. Sue has been instrumental in recruiting the right people, establishing policies, creating procedures, building team culture and leadership development. Sue brings a wealth of operational and management experience to National Fleet Management, Inc. gained through successful careers’ at GE Capital and UACC. Sue has spent most of her career in auto financial service based organizations leading various stages of growth and transition in the US and Asia.

To further support National Fleet Management business growth, Bill is happy to announce:

·         Anthony Leviner as Operations Manager at our captive location in Charlotte NC. Anthony has a strong background in fleet management, safety, operations and parts inventory.

·         Lora Saintsing as an Invoice Compliance Specialist at our Greensboro location. Lora has a background in accounts receivable, dealership parts and service, and a long history in customer service.

·         Ron Wheeler joins Notational Fleet Management Inc. as the Outside Sales Representative for the Charlotte territory with a successful sales background and a strong technical background in the trucking industry.

·         James Stacks, Ryan Enzor and Michael Blische also joined the team. James Stacks comes to National Fleet Management Inc. with over twenty years of trucking experience, working for companies such as Mack, Ryder Truck Rental, and Charlotte Truck Center. James has a strong management background coupled with a foundation that is technical service related. James will be assuming the Operation Manager position in the Charlotte location.

National Fleet Management Inc. is also committed to working with the community. In addition to many financial donations to community interest they are also involved with the local community colleges. Bill feels an obligation to offer opportunities to fresh talent, not just seasoned technicians. Michael Blische and Ryan Enzor are an example of just that. Michael recently joined the Greensboro location as a technician apprentice. Michael is on track to complete his degree for diesel mechanic at GTCC this year and is looking forward to a long career with National Fleet Management Inc.. Ryan joined the Charlotte team as a second shift technician. Ryan has two years left on completing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from CPCC.

Bill and his team are truly excited for what is to come in 2014. He has been quoted to say, “We know there is still a lot of work to be done, but the momentum is building. Buckle up!”

National Fleet Management Inc. is a full service repair and maintenance company serving the Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

For more information, please contact Bill Black at 704-252-6948.


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